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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crime scene shoot

photo's taken by me.

''she grew up in an indiana town with a good looking mamma that never was around, well she grew tall and she grew bright with those indiana boys on those indiana nights''-tom petty

MISSED gay pride this year

Really bummed that i missed gay pride this year , not that im gay myself , i just love the vibe and ''anything goes'' concept that is presented along with gay pride. I came down to my ou and ou's anniversary which was way more important then pride ( as some say ). NEXT year i guess ..sigh
last years pride

The 10th of the 10th 2010

morning , afternoon , evening
So today i decided to join my lovely at work, I'm here in Cape Town visiting him and the weather is just horrible ( the usual Capetown weather WIND , WIND and MORE WIND ), so i can officially say that I'm under the weather, LITERALLY that is !
Anywhoo my boyfriend works at this place called Phuturelab which involves reef fish , its quite fascinating as none of my previous boyfriends spoke a different language ( hobby wise ) until now , i quite enjoy it as he can teach me a whole lot of new things, things which i guarantee i would have never looked into myself.
As i was admiring the stormy weather outside ( NOT ) a shining light bulb appeared above my head and i thought; why not create my own blog which gives me the freedom to say as much shit as i want , where-ever and when-ever i want , very exciting it was for me. geeez, listen to me acting like I'm the only one who has ever come up with such an idea when I've just become a number (added to the number of bloggers) scary if i look at it like that but even so I'm still gonna blog.
ok ok I'm gonna go beg my lovely for lunch now.

''lovely'' is the tiger on the right side of my blog ;)